Stearn Guitars & Such

Stearn Guitars creates custom handmade guitars.  We specialize in crafting quality baitone, parlor, and acoustic guitars in the heart of the Russian River.

I'm Jesse Stearn. I've been a craftsman all my life, starting with making wooden knives and swords with my brother in my dad's custom furniture shop.

I worked with my dad for a few years in my teens and early twenties, then started my own custom woodworking shop. I did that until I finished college, after which I began a three year stint as a high school English teacher.

I missed working with my hands, so after some soul-searching, I found myself moving to England with my wife and 12 month old daughter in order to attend the Totnes School of Guitar Making, taught by a master luthier in the true sense of the word, Phil Messer. After that amazing opportunity, and through much  trial and error, I opened up for business.

I continued to learn the art of luthiery through some key books and countless hours of experience. Guitar making is extremely fulfilling, but it can be heartbreaking at times. I came to a point where I knew I needed more input from an outside source, so I took a course.  It was at The American School of Luthiery, taught by Charles Fox, The Godfather of American guitar making. When I returned from the week-long course, I closed for business and pressed the "reset" button. Like a computer with a new operating system, I rebooted and emerged with a brand new approach to the craft.

Since then, I have continued to evolve, experiment, and refine the acoustic guitar. I'm still on that course, learning, changing and perfecting. I have the sense that the Universe is a magnificent expression of the Divine, and I am deeply grateful that I am here, living and breathing, one infinitely small part of that expression.